To the Unmotivated Stoner! Get motivated!

I’m not sure about you, but I find Cannabis to motivate me, though it took me a long time to get to this point. It’s all about using energy in the best way for your body.

Now I’m at a place where all the wonderful creative thoughts and ideas that I had when I got high come into fruition – you know in the real world. Not just in my head!


Because instead of thinking them, I live and breathe them into my reality. Though being aware of your awareness gets rid of that for a moment. A very annoying phenomenon!

It’s a lot with habit and ritual and getting to know yourself.

One must train if they ever want to get away from the ‘lazy stoner’ – and that means first coming face to face with your demons! Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but definitely worth a go, especially if you’re still a young one!

You need to be aware of your dreams, desires, goals, what gives you pimagesleasure and what gives you pain. You want to look into it ALL!  You need to face all these things head on – they need to make you feel uncomfortable at some point and most importantly, you need to deal with yourself, yourself! Indeed there shall be those who help you along the way, but even then, your brain issues need to be sorted by you. Standard!

Once you’ve seen yourself as you are, thoughts and all – and once you’ve seen about how little anyone else really gives a crap because they are too busy worrying about themselves, then you have no reason not to get up and do something.

Like in some Buddhist observation meditation –  have a good look at your thoughts, don’t get attached to them – know they are there, but keep it moving love!

The important part is making a choice – choosing what desires and goals you want to pursue. Once they are firmly fixed and concrete, everything you do from then on will move towards those goals. Let them flow – outwards!!! – if you’re trying to get things done. Idea generation is great – but you got to move with them!

Yeah easy!

Okay so in principle its easy to understand – in practice, it really is just practice!

And once you’ve mastered one set of scary thoughts or ideas, then there may just be a new set of annoying thoughts that make their appearance when you aim for the next goal. Hell it would be boring if there were no challenges!

If you make a habit of not having a look at yourself and being mister or misses avoider, then eventually child –  you will begin to hallucinate and that wonderful creative mind will create some voices for you! The brain is magical like that. But if you do that, you’


Stop being fucking lazy!

ll just keep being lazy! And maybe even go insane. We don’t want that now, do we?!

Anyway, on the off chance that actually you’re not all that into looking at thoughts, I don’t blame you!

Do these practicle things instead!


Getting your sweat on! Aka Exercise

Raising your body temp and having a good sweat gets the blood circulating around the body. Fact.

More energy flowing throughout the body = equals feeling happy.
You know those endophins people be talking about. Its a real thing!

You’re also likely to start producing more Dopamine as well – Dopamine is our happy reward neuro transmitter. These funky little chemicals (see pics below) fire around connecting neurons to other neurons. And as a Cannabis ingestor you probably get it – about connecting things! You’re on fire! Way hey!

ADHD be one of them things you get when you haven’t got enough Dopamine.  Dopamine gets you high – naturally! So utilise it!

If you don’t exercise for a while and only every now and again – its gonna feel like you’re unstoppable and you might get all hulk like – perhaps even a bit manic – in a slightly crazed but everyone loves you kinds way! Be aware of that!  They don’t call it runners high for nothing! Feels nice, but the effects wear off and you’ll relapse back to unmotivated.
But once you make it a daily thing (well atleast 5 days a week) you’ll feel unstoppable in a more light hearted I got plenty of time and there’s nowhere else to be but here kind of way.

So get your lazy up and start sweating!


Don’t use tabacco!


The UK is probably the only culture that mixes tobacco with Cannabis – its the economical way of getting the most out of an expensive plant outside of legality, but its not healthy! If you sit and think about it really – damn you know its retarded!  Its the selfish British way of being. If you want the good to continue to walk alongside you, you have to move away from the poverty mentality. For real!

Tabacco is addictive. Cannabis is not. Only in a mental way. But you already know that! Its the bacci you want to worry about. Stop smoking it!

I personally use a convention vaporiser. Hot air blows around the herb giving a nice inhalation of pure oils. Go natural with technology!

You might wanna think about investing in a bong, smoking pure, or using a vaporiser and if you’re gonna smoke with papers, hit the hemp papers. White papers are bleached and you be inhaling that crap into your system. Over time, that shite will make you sick in the lungs. No wonder you don’t wanna do anything!

Consider Microdosing:

Basically reduce your intake and make sure you’re mentally prepared to head out for the day. For example, don’t smoke a whole spliff in one go – take a couple of hits and go about your day. If you’re smoking in the evening to relieve stress and wind down, nothing to say on that. Do what you do! This is for the day time do nothing stoners!


If you get the munchies – Eat natural foods

Replaced processed chocolate with dark chocolate, eat berries and fruits. An orange or apple usually does the trick for me. Or make yourself a hot cocoa drink aka hot chocolate. (I make raw chocolate bars myself – way hey look at me!)


What a cocoa bean actually looks like

Your body gets hungry as a way to tell you that your body needs nutrition. So give it that! Junk food is not nutrition. It’ll just make you tired. Fuck junk food!

And if you eat all the good natural stuff then your body will keep on with the Dopmine production! You’ll get yourself some sertonin as well. That’s also a neuro transmitter but this one hangs around in your belly! Happy belly 🙂


Most importantly!


Don’t touch skunk!

It’s practically most probably but who really bloody knows – genetically

modified! – and lots of research has found it be covered in glass dust. Why else would it sparkle at you?

If you hear about the schizo cases, then well…. skunk is usually the culprit. So best avoid this crap! It even smells crappy! You been smoking so much crap you don’t even know what good smells like anymore. That my friend, a problem! Sort it out! Also once you quit the bacci – you can smell all the wonderful smells of the world again!  Or if you live in London – the lovely scent of car fumes! Lovely!

We are talking about your health and well being here so if you’re going to have an expense, make sure its for good qualitly.

It’s also pretty weird if you don’t know you’re dealer – you need to have a hook up. Good relationships are good for the soul – and society. You wanna know where your herbs come from as best you can. Picking up off some random is just ludicrous. And its a bit too ghetto for city dwellers! You wanna be moving away from ‘survival’ mode and into something a bit more meaningful no!?

The only people who get messed up on Cannabis are the people who have trouble facing themselves- aka the demons of self…

and people who treat it as an addiction to escape living their lives to the fullest. Kinda the same thing, but you know, also not!

Find your role in the ‘bigger picture’. If that’s not enough to get you moving, then I don’t know what will!

But if you’re really a ‘stoner’ then bwoi you probably know all of this already. I’m sure you have comtemplated these things at some point or another. Its just nice to hear someone else say it 😉

Basically if you do all these things, you’re pretty much on the road to creating your own story of life.  Keeping it moving!

  1. Face yourself! Know your desires and goals

  2. Excercise

  3. Quit smoking!

  4. Eat natrual foods

  5. Stay away from Skunk!



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